Friday, November 11, 2011

Books: Long Time No See

Long Time No See
By Susan Isaacs
Copyright 2004
Audiobook 6 hours

Judith Singer is a Doctor of History with a penchant for solving crimes. When we catch up with her, it has been 20 years since she last solved a crime.

I love that this heroine is 54 years old. She is widowed and lives alone. She has an old love affair in her background. She serves on the local library board.

In this mystery, she decides to try to figure out what happened to a missing woman. Courtney Logan disappears on Halloween. Her body turns up in the family swimming pool in April. The police are sure the husband did it, mostly because his father is a local mafia dude. Fancy Phil, the mafia dad, decides to ask Judith for help after he learns of her interest.

She follows the clues and eventually figures out the crime. Along the way she rekindles an old love.

A nice, smooth novel with an intriguing character!

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