Friday, September 09, 2011

Art Everywhere

Tuesday when I pulled into the parking lot at Hollins University to go to my first class of the semester, I found this row of decorated trash bins.

The college had held  bin decorating contest earlier in the day, I think.

I thought this was a wonderful sight.

Last night when I was back on campus, I saw that the trash and recycling bins had been placed all over the campus.

Way to go Hollins Women!


  1. Awesome header you have today!!

  2. What a fantastic idea! Makes me want to grab a brush and have at my stodgy old black can!!

  3. What a great idea and so creative! Who would've thought to make a trash can pretty!

  4. The piano school's recitals are always at Hollins and I love walking on their campus.
    BTW- I like your new blog style! I played around with mine yesterday and don't have the patience (or know-how)to get this creative with it. You used just the right pictures to enhance yours.

  5. Leonora, I'm still having trouble posting on your blog by the way.


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