Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wild Wonderful West Virginia Part VI

Part VI - Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Falls are the largest falls on the New River. They span 1,500 feet.

The National Park Service offers the Sandstone Visitor Center just off Interstate 64. About five miles from there, one can see the falls from a mountain overlook that is 400 feet above the falls.

A boardwalk allows you to access the falls. However, we did not go down there. To reach the boardwalk required another 30 minutes of driving, following the river south and then across at Hinton, WV, and then back north. We elected not to take that drive this time.

Even from a distance, the falls were very impressive.

Here is a site with more information and much better photos: Click Here.

The National Park Service has photos, too: Click Here.

That pretty much covers our trip! Thanks for reading about Wild, Wonderful West Virginia as seen through touristy eyes.


  1. Gosh that's beautiful. Looks like they would be well worth a revisit in winter, too.

  2. Can you make your photos bigger? I have old eyes... :-(


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