Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Called Stealing

Last night my husband and I ventured out for dinner and a little shopping.

In the parking lot of Home Depot, two women and a young girl were standing around a truck. As we walked by, I overheard this comment:

"We'll get the paint and paint the bedroom, and then we'll fill the paint cans up with water and bring them back for a refund."

I was appalled. First, I could never think of such a thing as my mind simply doesn't work in that direction. Secondly, there was a child there. What are these people teaching that girl?

Then we went to Tractor Supply so my husband could purchase a new pair of work boots.

He opened up the box for his size. Inside lay a pair of boots. But not the right boots. Not even new boots.

These were boots with the tops worn completely out of them. These were someone's old boots. Either someone had walked off with a new pair of boots, leaving these, or a new pair had been purchased and the box returned with these in them.

Either way, someone had a new pair of boots, and I am 100 percent certain they didn't pay for them.

We flagged down a store clerk and handed over the bad pair, shaking our heads and clucking about the things we were seeing on this strange summer night.

I know that times are tough. And I know that faceless, evil corporations are the ruin of the nation, and they should get theirs. I have certainly felt that way when dealing with some behemoth company that cares about nothing but the bottom line.

But it's still stealing. And I am many things, but I am not a thief.


  1. So sad! I bet they didn't even think of it as stealing.... they must think it's not a problem to cheat a big business. But in the end we all pay for it.

  2. I'd have snapped a photo of the ladies in the parking lot and taken it inside and told the manager what I had heard. ALWAYS have my trusty camera with me and not afraid to use it either... what a crock to plan something like that AND how stupid to talk about it in a public parking lot. Not a lot of smarts going on there.

  3. I'm with Di, I would have reported them to the store.

  4. My son works in an auto parts store. He's amazed at how some people try to scam them. They'll return used parts saying they were defective. Meanwhile the store doesn't even carry that brand, or, take the new part and put the old one back in the box and seal it like it's never been opened and return that. I don't care how "evil" a corporation is...that type of behavior is learned at home. Just terrible...


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