Friday, June 17, 2011

Big as a Cat

I don't know how well you can see these, but that little spot behind the doe in the photos below is a newborn fawn.

The little thing was about as big as a cat!

I took them through the window (which includes a screen and affects the quality) with my old Canon Powershot.


  1. What a tiny thing.. have not seen any fawns in our area yet... most likely out there but the does are still hiding them I guess.


  2. It is so tiny! It must have just been born.

  3. So tiny! I've never seen one that small! How adorable!

  4. I've never seen one that small either. So cute!

  5. They are so beautiful. One time a friend of mine riding her horse found one half-dead in a ditch. The mother was shot. She picked it up and carried it home on her lap on the horse and bottle fed it until it was old enough to take care of itself. She used to keep it on a long leash in the yard and she'd scamper around.


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