Saturday, May 21, 2011


I never tire of taking pictures of the Hollins University campus. I was on the premises Thursday, picking up my final papers, and the grounds crew was busy readying the Quad for graduation.

Next year I plan to be among those graduates, marching once again to receive another diploma from this old and honorable institution.

Hollins was established in 1842 (20 years before the American Civil War) and initially called Valley Union Seminary. It became a women's college 10 years later and received the Hollins name at that time. It was the first women's college in Virginia.

The buildings reflect the architecture of the time. I think they are some of the loveliest structures in the area.

The backside of Botetourt Hall.

Main and the chairs out front as graduation nears.

Main again, home of the Green Drawing Room, site of many poetry readings.

Bradley Hall. When I was an undergraduate, this was the home of the English Department. Just walking into this building could fill me with inspiration.

The main administration building.

The chapel.

The front of Botetourt.

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  1. Thanks for the photos. I've never been on their campus so it was nice to see.


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