Monday, December 27, 2010

Family at Christmas

Christmas is about seeing folks you love and care about, and I had a houseful over the holiday. Here are some of my family members:

Cousin Matt (right) and his wife, Gina.

My aunt, Sherri (left) and my uncle, Jerry. They were visiting from Texas.

My cousin, Sara, and Nicole, both also in from Texas.

My first cousin once-removed, Madison (left) (daughter of Matt & Gina) and my first cousin once-removed, Jonathan, who is Jerry & Sherri's grandson. She is four and he is three. Guess which one was the wild child and which one was quiet and lady-like?

Matt with his daughter, Madison.

My nephew, Trey, my brother's son. He is a big wrestler at JRHS.

Zoe, my niece and my brother's daughter. She is nine years old.

My sister-in-law, Dina, caught by surprise with the camera. Sorry, sis!

My brother, Loren.

My nephew, Chris, and his mother, Jennifer (my sister-in-law). Chris is 16.

My nephew Emory, big man on campus at University of South Carolina. Until I saw this photo I did not realize how much he looks like his father.

My husband, being silly.

Aunt Nancy on the husband's side, in from Georgia.

My mother-in-law, my aunt, Carolyn, and my brother-in-law, Gary, are not pictured; I somehow managed not to take usable photos of them this year. I serious doubt they mind.


  1. I think Dina may want a re-do on her photo. ;-)


  2. Good to see you were surrounded by family for Christmas!


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