Monday, November 15, 2010

Books: How to Survive A Garden Gnome Attack

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack
by Chuck Sambuchino
104 pages
Copyright 2010
Published by Ten Speed Press

I always wondered why my garden gnome statue keeps ending up on its face or even a foot or two away from where I last placed it. Now I know.

The darned thing wants to get me!

This cute little book would make a great gift for gardeners, yard statue addicts or somebody who just needs a clean giggle. I thought it was amusing and while I did not break out in loud guffaws I did smile a time or two.

The book is broken into several sections, including how to assess your risk, how to protect yourself (a moat seems like a lot of trouble . . .), how to defend your home, and how to apply what you've learned from the book.

The text is accompanied by pictures of garden gnomes spying on you, attempting to dig under your house  . . . you get the idea. The photos are neat and, for me, the best part of the book.

This is a work which does not take itself very seriously. You might give it to your mother-in-law or an aunt or somebody like that if you're out of ideas, or use it for a stocking stuffer.

The hardcover book sells for $14.99; Amazon has it for $10.19.

*Note: the publisher contacted me and sent me a copy of this book. They did not ask me to review it on my blog in exchange for the book but I thought it was cute and would make a good gift, so here's a review of it.*


  1. You have me curious enough to order it! Will add it to my textbook order tonight. =)

  2. I saw that online a couple of months ago... cracked me up.


  3. Oh dear...I'm in big trouble. I'm surrounded by gnomes---even have some in the house. They look benign, but looks can be deceiving...

    Sorry, just got up to check out a noise in the other room. I'm sure it was nothing...heh,heh...


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