Monday, October 18, 2010

Books: Lucid Intervals

Lucid Intervals
By Stuart Woods
Audio approx. 8 hours
Copyright 2010
Read by Tony Roberts

Stone Barrington is a lawyer and former police officer who often acts as a detective. This is one in the series.

Barrington is a guy's hero and my husband likes these books. I checked this one out of the library to listen to in the car during our ill-fated trip to Myrtle Beach in September. We heard about half of it during that adventure and then finished the remainder of the book in the evenings when there was nothing on TV.

Our hero is hired to find a missing MI6 agent from England. The man has been missing for 12 years, having vanished the day after his superiors learned he was doing some un-agenty type things. Someone wants the man dead now.

His employer is a beautiful woman named Dame Felicity. Of course he beds her and she takes him to social dinners where only the elite can go.

A subplot involves a guy named Herbie, who has won the lottery. He has no brains and later is charged with murder.

My husband gave the book a thumbs up. The hero is not exactly my kind of guy but he is okay. I recommend the series to anyone who likes books with male lead characters, intrigue, high society, guns and airplanes, and a little bit of sexual titillation thrown in for good measure.


  1. I've read several Stone Barrington novels and found them interesting. I didn't realize a new one had come out.


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