Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Suddenly you have arrived on Jupiter. List the things you couldn't live without.

1. My husband. I imagine Jupiter is a pretty lonely place and I would like some company. He's also a good hunter (might need to track down some aliens or maybe Jupiter turtles for soup) and then there is the keeping warm at night aspect. That's pretty important on a big planet.

2. My computer. I am addicted to the blasted thing and spend way too much time staring at the screen. And of course the one I had with me would have an Internet connection (?!?) and video games, music, e-books, etc.

3. Chocolate. I think Jupiter has heavy gravity, if I remember correctly, so getting a little fatter probably isn't going to matter much. Maybe I need some kind of gravity suit?

4. Oxygen. This should be a given and I at first assumed that I would have this with me, but then thought perhaps I ought to add this very necessary  element.

5. Water. This goes along with number 4. I probably should have listed these things first but they did not occur to me in that order. Water is necessary for life and bathing and squirting through your teeth.

6. Food. This should be in the form of edible stuff that would be around until vegetable seeds grew, provided one can garden on Jupiter. We'll pretend you can.

7. Clothing. Hopefully one would have an idea about temperatures on Jupiter prior to rocket launch and would be dressed appropriately. Since Jupiter is so far from the sun, I would guess that it might be cold there. But maybe not.

8. My toothbrush. This is a necessity as far as I am concerned, particularly if my husband is going to be around. And he needs to have his toothbrush, too!

9. An electricity generator. How else am I going to power up the computer?

10. A camera. I think one would get lots of great pictures of Jupiter's moons. Who knows, maybe Saturn's rings put on quite a show from the big planet. Should make for some good photos, anyway.

11. A watch. I always have to know what time it is, although time on Jupiter obviously would be quite different from time on earth. I would have to have the Waltham Jupiter Standard Time edition.

12. A bed. My back could never survive sleeping on rocks or ground or molten lava or whatever might be on Jupiter. So I definitely want a good bed with a sturdy mattress. And blankets and sheets for it.

13. A house. Or a shed. Anything with a roof. It doesn't have to be fancy but if rains on Jupiter or the wind blows or the sun shines brightly, I want something over my head. It would probably have to be made of pretty sturdy stuff and likely wouldn't look pretty but I am quite okay with that.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; the list of folks who play is located here. This is my 152nd time to play.


  1. Getting down to basics. I'm thinking a notebook and pen would be good and a good book to read. What else are we going to do on Jupiter?!

    My one word video clip line was "sunset." We were going to see it and I was trying to get Joe to turn the camera off me.

  2. This list totally cracked me up.. It's sooooo YOU!

    Wi-fi on Jupiter? Me thinks not.

  3. I hear ya- especially with the roof thing.

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Hmm. Now you have me thinking. What would I take? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Books? you're not taking any books to Jupiter?

    Great list.

  6. What a fun and original T13 topic. Loved it! I posted a few garden pics this week. My blog

  7. I like this list... makes you think, doesn't it? I could do without a watch or camera if I had my iPhone... the more multi-purpose items, the better!

    Happy TT!

  8. No matter how prepared we think we are, we always leave something important back on Earth!

  9. Add my kids and running shoes and our list would be identical.


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