Monday, August 09, 2010

Organize? Organize!

Here's an interesting question for you, dear reader.

How do you keep up with blogs (or favorite websites, for that matter)? Do you simply follow and then read them in a reader such as Google reader?

Do you subscribe to RSS feeds or have them emailed to you, and read them that way?

Do you add them to favorites on your browser? And if so, do you categorize them at all, or just have them all in there willie-nillie?

Perhaps you use or some other method to categorize and decide what to read? If so, what program?

How do you come back to your favorites time after time? What method do you use?

I am curious and looking for new ways to do this. My own methodology works for about 50 blogs but beyond that it grows cumbersome.


  1. I'm a big of Google. I use their reader for blogs. I switched my email address & calendar to google as well.

  2. I have no methodology for following blogs, but I've heard great things about Google Reader, too. Certainly, I will come back to this post time to time to see what other people do because I'm with you... I need a change!

  3. I follow blogs through Blogger by becoming a "follower." I find it's easier to hit my Blogger dashboard and skim to see if there are any updates I'm interested in. Recently I've cut out a lot of blogs, especially many of the "writing" ones including agents, authors and pubs. It was getting to the point of information overload and distracting me from my own writing voice.

    Other frequently used websites are placed on my toolbar and in my "favorites."

  4. I subscribe to RSS feeds and get notified of updates in a Firefox add on sidebar.

  5. Organized?? Are you kidding? No way am I organized. I tend to look to my sidebar first to see what is popping up as new, then I visit Google Reader to see what's going on with the others. Sometimes I check to see who's left a comment and try to go comment on their blog first... I do it all in a hodge podge sort of way though.. really no method to my madness as I follow a gazillion other blogs.


  6. I usually add any favorite blogs to my blog side bar. I visit about three or four favorite sites a day, and for the other sites I like to see, I add them to my favorites list. I usually forget about them until I add something else!

  7. I follow some blogs through Blogger, then I have a long unorganized list in my favorites menu. I could definitely use a better method.


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