Friday, August 20, 2010

Ha Ha

I make my friends laugh.

My humor is dry, irreverent, and intelligent (if I do say so myself). I'm not talking slapstick here. I'm talking commentary on life that makes my friends howl. "You crack me up," they say, wiping tears.

Often I am surprised by the response because I was not trying to be funny. And apparently some of it is in the delivery, because it wouldn't look amusing if I wrote it down. I never attempt to write humor because I don't think I can. I mean, do you read this blog to laugh?


  1. LOL... loved the coconuts migrate movie. The sentry at the top of the castle wall, that would be my husband. Always the one with the scientific data.... LOL


  2. Monty Python will always make me laugh! : )

  3. I tried to teach my kids to say "Help, I'm being repressed!" as I held them down to change their diapers. It hasn't worked.


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