Monday, August 30, 2010

All That Jazz

So last week my husband headed off on a jet airplane for Chicago, land of tall buildings, gangsters, and barn burnings.

The occasion was a conference put on by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), and he was one of about 14,000 firefighters in attendance.

He took my small Nikon and while he says he is no photographer, I thought he didn't do too badly with his pictures.

Tall sailing ships were in town at the Navy Pier. He visited this one evening with his aunt, uncle and cousin, who live in Chicago.

The NBC building, which was near his hotel.

The view from his hotel window.

Some part of Lake Michigan where the Chicago Fire Department put on a search and rescue demonstration for the conference attendees.

The Chicago Tribune building, also near his hotel. He took this picture because his sweetie (that would be me) used to write for newspapers.

The stuff he went to see, trucks  and firefighting gear.

This is an aerial ladder truck. My husband really likes ladder trucks.

For big city dwellers, skyscrapers and concrete are no big deal, but for us rural farm folk, it is a big deal aplenty. When you see airports big enough to swallow whole towns, it is eye opening.

He had a good trip but was glad to return home. And I was pleased to report that only one thing broke while he was gone and was glad he was back. And all that jazz.


  1. You should have gone too! He did a great job with the photos by the way... a big thumbs up!



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