Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Today, it's a random 13!

1. They really do use golden shovels when they have groundbreakings. I took this picture at the Lewis-Gale Imaging Center ceremonial groundbreaking on Tuesday at Daleville Town Center. (The shovels are just spray painted! They aren't really golden.)

2. Being an INTJ makes me the among the "most independent personalities," according to the Myers Briggs Indicator. Last night I had my husband take an online test and he is an ISTJ, making him the "most responsible" of personalities.

3. A few of the cactus seeds I planted a while back are sprouting!

4. The black swan is still here!

5. This herd of deer was in the front yard on Monday.

6. I am of the opinion that all of the cuts to education funding in Virginia are a red herring. What is really going on is this: the politicians in control of the money are trying to send the tax dollars to private and charter schools. Why else pass all of these bills about creating private and charter schools? It's a privatization effort, another charge by the politicians to take tax dollars and put them in the hands of their cronies. Nice work, fellas.

7. It's Sunshine Week. No, not the sunbeam kind. The Freedom of Information Act kind. Why should you care? Because without it, the politicians would have to be less creative in their crass sneakiness; they could just go behind close doors, smoke a cigar, and rob you blind without blinking an eye. Now they at least have to answer a few questions before they take your money and turn it over to the corporations.

8. I want Virginia to be the best state for people, not the best state for business. The two should not be opposed, actually, but they are. I don't see why the best state for business cannot also be the best state for people. Don't happy people make better workers?

9. This rainbow put in an appearance last Saturday. We were out for a drive and I had husband stop the car and shut it off so I could take a picture.

10. The last book I listened to on tape was Sea Glass, by Anita Shreve.

11. Today I am going to a "tweet up." However, I have not made the first "tweet" and don't know that I ever will. I am having trouble seeing the point of it.

12. I don't have a favorite book or a favorite song. I read a lot of different genre and I listen to different types of music. There are some I prefer over others but I am willing to try almost anything.

13. My husband is my greatest gift ever. He is a special man.

Lots of people play Thursday Thirteen. You can read about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is number 131!


  1. Oh, the rainbow shot and the black swan are lovely and magical! Definitely worth stopping the car for. I wish I could feel the same about the deer. I know they are beautiful animals, but all I see when I look at them are expensive-plant-eating machines. Someone gave me some little nandina seedlings last year that I lovingly nurtured all summer only to have them eaten down to the ground by the deer last week. I wish we liked venison.

  2. I have a Twitter account and never use it. I don't see the point either since all the people I care to talk to are on Facebook or I have their e-mail address and can contact them in private. Twitter is dumb.


  3. The swan and deer are amazing!

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. #7...amen!

    I love that rainbow picture.

    I used to make so much fun of twitter, and then I had to sign up for work, now I am slightly addicted. help! =)

  5. many blessings on this list esp #13..sandy

  6. I saw two rainbows at the beginning of March. Rainbows always feel so special and like a gift.
    However, I have never seen a black swan before! How majestic!

  7. Spray painted is decadent enough.

  8. great rainbow picture. first black swan i ever saw. interesting stuff!

    come and see my thursday 13

  9. Random TT's are great, you learn a lot about someone that way!

    I really enjoyed this one.

  10. Wow, where you live offers you some of the greatest opportunities to connect with nature and all its bounties. The black swan is amazing. When my dad passed away, I was standing on the balcony with my mom and we saw such an incredible rainbow. To this day, I can't see one without thinking of him.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

  11. I took the Myers Briggs Indicator test and it said I am an ISTJ.

    Love the deer, swan, and rainbow pictures.

    I agree with 6,7,and 8.


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