Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Passion Potion #5

Sometimes I do the free things at tarot.com. They are, well, free, for one thing. Occasionally interesting.

The most recent free one was a numerology thing. This is what the sample report gave me. I wonder what folks who know me would say to this?


Your Hidden Passion Number is 5

You love travel, change, and new challenges. You are highly adaptable and versatile. You have a talent for languages, and are generally good with words. Writing, promotion, and public relations work suit you perfectly.

You are sensual and a bit impulsive. You love to satisfy your senses, which can get you into trouble. Overindulgence in food, drink, sex, and drugs are common among people with too many 5s -- six or more.

You are resourceful and original. You have a good sense of humor and a quick tongue.

Your desire for freedom is extremely strong and it will take effort and discipline to stick with whatever it is you started. There is a tendency to give up a project or situation prematurely.

You may be interested in too many things, which can make it hard for you to apply yourself to one area successfully.

You are very unconventional.

Commitment in relationships and your work is fundamental to your happiness. You may have a tendency to wander from person to person, job to job, making depth of relationship or deep expertise difficult.


I would argue that being married for 26 years makes that last part, at least with regards to person to person, a little, um, wrong. It takes a lot of work to stay married that long.

Also, I have been freelancing since 1994, which is a long time. But, freelancing is kind of a "jack of all trades and master of none" type of job, so I think there is a bit of truth there.

As for the rest of it... well, I can't argue with much of it.


  1. Freelancing is indeed as you describe it! Sense of humour, resourceful, original...I like these.

  2. anita--like you, I am a 5! No big surprise, huh? Fortunately for me, my marriage has been lasting!
    Dogs--poodles, dachshunds, Jack Russells supposed to be okay with allergies...Love you up on your snowy hilltop! dream


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