Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The day of our first snow, way back in December when it dumped about 20 inches here, I was out and about and arrived home just as the first flakes fell.

I went to find my snow boots but they were not where I thought they were in the garage. After much searching, I called my husband (who has managed to be at work during every snowfall this year) and asked him if he had seen my boots.

"I threw them away. They had dry-rotted," he told me.


I went through that first snow with no boots. Tennis shoes are a poor substitute, I must say.

Five days after the first snow, when I could finally get the car out, I went in search of boots.

There were no boots to be had. The stores were sold out. Apparently everyone had needed boots.

For weeks I looked but still no boots. Finally, after Christmas, my husband took me to Southern States in Troutville.

There we found a pair of mud boots.

They slipped over my sneakers and at least gave me a little protection from the snow.

However, they are a pain to pull off and on over a shoe. I started to put an old pair of tennis shoes down in the mud boot, so I'd just have to pull my foot in and out, but then had a great idea. I used a pair of fake Crocs instead. They work great! I just leave them in the boot. Now I don't have to worry about my foot slipping out and I don't have to do anything but slip my foot into the boot and into the plastic shoe, shove my pants down inside it, and snap it shut.

I always knew these plastic shoes had to be good for something!


  1. Next year we will all be armed and ready with new boots, sleds and shovels and we won't need them! (I hope!)

  2. So inventive you are! hee hee.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Those boots reminded me of the galoshes my mother used to put on us when we were kids. Oh how I hated those things. They were terrible to get on and they would piss my mom off so much she'd get angry at us for not "helping." We were on our own to take them off and it was torture! I never bought my kids a pair.

  4. lol! Great invention. When the first snow hit, Ben didn't have any either. So we wrapped his shoes in garbage bags and duck tape so he could go sledding.

  5. I just had this conversation with my son this morning about so many of us being caught with bad boots. One of mine got thrown in a Goodwill box and the other is here of no use. Also, I recently posted a video of Bryce called Boots! He tried to will them on his feet. I can remember being that young that I wanted to put my own boots on but didn't know how or have the skill to do it.


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