Monday, July 06, 2009

A Writing Group?

I am seeking a few folks interested in writing in good ol' Botetourt County so we can start a little writing group.

Fellow bloggers might have some interest in the topic, so I'm tossing it out there.

The goal would be to work on our writing projects that aren't blogs, of course. Fiction. Nonfiction. Short stories, novels. Poetry. Whatever.

Critiquing would be on the project (not the person) and hopefully would be helpful on multiple levels.

To my knowledge there is no writing group in this county aside from the newly-formed Poet's Corner that is meeting at the Botetourt libraries quarterly. I attended their first meeting and it was fine, and I will go again, but I think quarterly is too far apart for the meetings. They should be monthly.

Personally, I would like to meet every other week or so.

There is a writing group that meets in Roanoke called Valley Writers. It is part of the Virginia Writers Club.

In the 1980s (or thereabouts) I tried to attend their meetings but found it so political and full of bickering that it was an insufferable experience. I understand this is different now. For one thing, I know Becky at Peevish Pen is the Vice President, and she is in the Roanoke Valley Pen Women with me, so it can't be all bad.

Sometimes I think about going. But, I find driving to Roanoke at night to be something I am not eager to do. I have trouble with my night vision sometimes and the older I get the less inclined I am to make the trip.

So I was thinking something a little closer to home might be a good idea.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


  1. Valley Writers is currently meeting at Ukrops, so you could shop for groceries after the meeting. The club reinvents itself every so often. I took a six-month "leave of absence" a couple of years ago when I did not agree with the, er, "heavy-handed leadership." Membership dropped off substantially and the leaders eventually left to establish another writers group.

    You might want to consider hosting a small (six or less) crit group at your house.

  2. What a wonderful plan, Miss Anita! If I lived closer, I'd join ya.


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