Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding grace #3

Being thankful...

16. My taste buds. I sure do love the taste of food. Especially ...

17. Chocolate. I am a choco-holic. I could live off chocolate, I think.

18. My garden. Thankfully I have healthy food just outside the back door!

19. B.J. and Ed.

20. My mother-in-law, a quiet martyr who is there if I need her.

21. My Aunt Carolyn, who is always there to listen to me whine.

22. My brother, even if he is ... well, I won't go there.

23. My niece and my nephews (Zoe, Chris, Emory, Trey) who remind me that life goes on and the wheel keeps turning.

24. Lightning bugs, because they make a summer night twinkle.

25. Stars, because they twinkle and remind me of the Higher Power and the fact that I am not alone.


  1. Taste Buds!!! Oh my, wouldn't life be boring without them?

  2. I'm so grateful that I don't have to get up tomorrow and go to a 9-5. Taste buds are pretty good too.


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