Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Community Yardsale

When the alarm went off Saturday morning at 4:55 a.m., it was all I could do to struggle out of bed. I think I was finished with my shower and mostly dressed before I finally woke up.

The day was already hot when at 6:10 a.m. I pulled into the parking lot at Ikenberry Orchards. Several folks were already there ahead of me.

I hauled my treasures from the car and placed them attractively on the table. My offerings included clothing, a cotton candy machine, books, VHS tapes, small doo-dads, pocket books, a couple of book bags, a digital camera that I dropped and which worked provided you didn't use the zoom, and a combination TV/CD/Radio player.

The humidity must have been about 90 percent. It was unbelievably hot. Thankfully I knew the folks who had set up next to me, and they had been smart enough to bring a big canopy. They shared their shade. If they hadn't, I would have probably been out of there by 10 a.m. instead of 2 p.m. Bless you, Sue and Howard, for being so kind.

Right away I sold a couple of pieces of clothing and a pocket book. I thought that was a good sign for a good day, but as the hours wore on I realized that at best I would pay for lunch and dinner with the earnings from this endeavor.

My husband showed up with an old TV set we needed to get rid of. I sold it for a paltry sum, but as my husband said, "At least I don't have to haul it to Goodwill."

Once you've decided something will go to Goodwill, that means you're willing to give it away. With that in mind, anything for an item is better than nothing at all.

I saw a lot of people there, including the Blue Ridge Gal herself. She had her camera around her neck and showed me an old picture frame she'd purchased from next to nothing.

Jules also dropped by. She is not a blogger but she has lots of websites, including Indulge Tea and Mobility Advisor. Hey Jules, you need a blog, too! She had her dog and daughter in tow and said she was on her way to the SPCA to get another pooch. Awww.

Gwen Ikenberry, whose husband's family owns the place, also was there. She shared her shade with me, too. We have been friends since about 1993, which is a long time in dog years and not so bad in people years, either. I chatted with her mother-in-law, Loretta Ikenberry, for a good while.

Other folks I knew were Donna from Brambleberry Blog, who also is the leader of the Botetourt Farmer's Market. She was there hawking her produce. I also saw Hal Bailey from ECI, and Jay Etzler, the county Commissioner of Revenue, both of whom I have known since second grade. They were selling produce, too. I didn't realize they were such gardeners.

I also saw my (former) editor, Ed McCoy of The Fincastle Herald,* who was shopping around for items for "his" room at his house. Must be a man-cave den or something. We chatted a while and as he was standing there at least two people shouted out to me that they missed my work with the paper. I know that was difficult for him but he didn't say anything. It wasn't his decision to cut back on my work, after all.

Other folks who said howdy were Bobby and Donna Martin, Helen Gregory, Mary Jane from the Town of Troutville, Nancy Waddell and Dot Hillard. I'm sure there were others and I don't mean to leave you out if we chatted and I missed listing you!

My husband sat with me for a couple of hours. He went for lunch around 11:15 a.m., brought it back and ate it with me, and then headed home to cut hay for our neighbor, Lanetta Ware. I roasted in the heat some more, picking up a dollar here and there for various and sundry items.

Finally, the crowd began to thin and I decided it was time to pack the car up. Howard said he was going to Goodwill and would be glad to take whatever I wasn't taking back home with me. I was very grateful for this offer.

I left behind for Goodwill clothing, VHS tapes and books. I brought home with me the cotton candy machine and a couple of book bags.

Home was very inviting. I took a shower and collapsed.

At least the house is a little lighter and the spare room is now clear and I can get into it again.

I am very glad that is over.

*I'd add a link here for the paper but the website for it has been down since early May.


  1. Oh darnit, I missed it! I'm so used to having Saturdays with just me and the kids but now Nick's schedule has changed so he's off on Saturdays. I could come and go in the past, now Saturdays and Sundays are family days, I shouldn't complain huh?! I know, it was a scorcher yesterday!

  2. Lots going on everywhere this time of year...wish your sales could have been better but it sounds like a fun day seeing people!

  3. It looks like there were a ton of people there! I know what ya mean, Shannon and I did a couple of yard sales last year. I've never been so tired in my life. It's good to get rid of the stuff, but it'll wear you out!

  4. I used to do quite a few yard sales and would make anywhere from $100 to $800 depending on what kind of junk I was offering... Furniture usually goes over well.

    Surprised to hear you stayed so long into the afternoon as it was so miserably hot and humid. I think I hung around for a little over an hour and was home in my A/C by 9:30. Thank goodness you had the shade to sit under!

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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