Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another Bar Bites the Dust

So yesterday afternoon I stepped outside and noticed a disturbance near my roses.

I found another bar of Irish Spring soap opened.

This bar did not get squashed beneath the lawn mower so I was able to clearly see teeth marks. Whatever is eating this soap ate almost a qarter of the bar and nibbled on it at least twice.

I simply cannot imagine what critter is eating this soap.

There are five bars of soap left unopened so far. Will they also be opened and eaten, I wonder?
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  1. I've heard of so many "remedies" for keeping the critters away...so far none work. Someone could make a zillion dollars if they came up with one that does!

  2. What was that about washing your mouth out with soap? Now, if you had a photo friend who had one of those fancy setups where a tripwire triggers a flash to take a picture of the critter ....

  3. The sleuth in me just NEEDS to figure this out! It appears that whatever is biting it doesn't like it too much. The good news is, maybe whatever it is will be too busy with the soap to bother the roses?

  4. Oops, I see where it did eat quite a corner. OK, next theory is that whatever it is will get very sick from the soap and not return to eat roses. (?)

  5. I've heard pepper works. Sounds silly but who knows! As far as the soap, my dog loves it so it might just be a dog...hehe.

  6. Very odd.



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