Monday, May 11, 2009

Farm Machinery

About two weeks ago, my husband decided it was time to wash and wax the farm machinery so he could use for the year.

This is his little tractor.

This is his farm tractor. It's an older model that we purchased in 1996. It was old when we bought it, actually.

This tractor belongs to my father-in-law, not to us, but the mowing machine behind it is ours. My father-in-law purchased the tractor last year (or maybe the year before that, not so long ago, anyway), and we just bought the mowing machine earlier this spring.

Time to cut hay! Onward and out!


  1. Hubby says they sure are purty!

  2. Varoooom, glad to see you are equipped! All we have is a JD lawn mowing tractor, but no farming operations here. Sure love the tractors!

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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