Monday, April 06, 2009

My House

This is my house as seen from the other side of the farm.

The house is difficult to see from the road; you have to be looking for it to find it.

The vinyl siding is brown. Originally the house had cedar siding on it, but that proved difficult to maintain. So we covered it with vinyl.

My husband built this house in 1987. When I say "he built it" I mean just that. He measured and hammered. He spent an entire summer putting our home together, him and his friends.

It is a packaged home or "kit house" made by Timber Truss. I think it is this plan, only we reversed the blueprints and turned the garage doors to the rear. Because we do not have a basement we turned the garage into a single car garage so we would have some place to put the furnace.

We don't have a basement because we built on a rock pile and didn't have the money then to blast it out. Sometimes I am sorry we don't have a basement because it would be a good place to dump stuff.

The house is not very big but for the two of us it is fine. We had plans to add on had we had children, but since that never happened we have never made changes.

We moved in in November, in time for the holidays. We've been here ever since and have no plans to go anywhere else.

This is home.


  1. Now I know exactly how to find you...not! I'm marveling at the size of the mountains around you. Since we're up on the plateau, we don't look up at the mountains so much. Will be up in Floyd by June...let's do lunch!

  2. It's beautiful. And that's amazing that your husband built it. I guess he doesn't complain like mine does about the poor workmanship due to the ineptitude of the previous owner, lol.

  3. Sweet.

    I have to say that even though the basement occasionally floods, it is very hand for dumping things. Like dirty clothes!

  4. What a gorgeous home! I just love your view. There must be a lot of rock around where you live. Our friends who built very close to Botetourt High, also hit rock.

  5. Cute! I love seeing where people live. You have a great view and lots of privacy!

  6. I love the spacious feeling of no other houses around. Ours is tucked away and getting old with this wind whipping through the cracks in the logs.

  7. Your house is so private. Lucky you! Basements have their own issues. I grew up without one but most houses in Pgh. have them. They do flood a lot but you're right, they are nice places to dump stuff!

  8. What a beautiful setting! And I've seen from your other pictures that you have a gorgeous view---you are very fortunate to live surrounded by all that acreage.

  9. But if you had a basement, you'd just have more stuff!! This way, you are forced to accumulate less. See? There is a silver lining, after all! :-)


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