Friday, March 13, 2009

Book: On Bear Mountain

On Bear Mountain
By Deborah Smith
Read by Dick Hill & Susie Breck
Copyright 2001
6 hours

This was an interesting romance-type but not novel.

Richard Ricconi is a New York starving artist who gets a break when a wealthy old woman in the Appalachian Mountains commissions a metal sculpture of a bear from him.

His son, Quinten, doesn't understand the allure of his father's art.

Meanwhile, back on Bear Creek, the old woman's family hates the sculpture, which as been placed on the college campus the family formed long ago. Tom Powell, a cousin, doesn't hate the sculpture but loves it, and when the old woman dies he buys it off the college for $200.

That was money that should have gone to the doctor to care for his wife. His daughter, Ursula, grows up with a love/hate relationship for the bear.

Nearly 30 years later, Ursula and Quinten come together under the power of the bear and the legends of the Appalachian lands.

3.5 stars


  1. Adding to my list! I've been really getting into stories from the Appalachians. I just picked up a book at the library called Appalachian's beautiful, the portraits of the people are so strong and touching.
    Have I told you that I love your new banner?! Well, I do!

  2. We used to go to a place when I was a kid called Bear Mountain in North Jersey or maybe it was over the border in New York. That's what I thought this was going to be about. Sounds interesting.


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