Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. This morning I used for the first time a monostick for my camera. My husband bought it for me for Christmas.

2. I thought I might need it to keep the camera from blowing out of my hands when I tried to take a picture of the wind this morning.




6. Did I catch the wind?

7. Also this morning my computer suddenly shut itself down and then booted back up. It said it recovered from a fatal error.

8. It advised me to look at the last thing installed because that would be the likely problem.

9. That would be a MICROSOFT UPDATE to your brain, computer! That just happened last night without my say-so or design.

10. Of course the computer doesn't recognize that its brain malfunctioned; it wants to blame some outside source.

11. Doesn't that sound very human?

12. And I don't understand why when you add a picture in the "compose" mode of blogger you have to go back and edit out the HTML for the lines or you end up with no line breaks.

13. And then the stupid code comes back again if you move out of the "edit html" portion of the program. You'd think they could fix this.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is my 85th one.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Sorry about the computer woes. It never seems to end. Happy Valentine Day!

  2. Ugh. My computer crashed two years ago from a Microsoft Update. It was a mess - I feel your pain.

  3. I think that first photo pretty much captured "wind" :) As would a photo of the lid of my garbage can that keeps flying past the window.

  4. Oh, what beautiful pictures. I've heard of those monosticks, but I've never used one. I'm glad you were able to post your pictures even with computer problems.

  5. I love the first picture!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I sympathize! My comp added a Microsoft update automatically and it killed the comp. It hasn't been able to boot up from that day to this.

  7. Oh, those are beautiful!!

    Happy TT!

  8. indeed a beautiful morning here.
    i captured an interesting shot which i will hopefully get up on valentine's will have to take a peek on saturday.

    have a great day.


  9. What's a monostick? My daughter's HP laptop died yesterday too. It's in the shop right now. Of course the warranty just recently expired.

  10. A monostick is a one-legged camera thingy, like a tripod but it only has one stick.

  11. Like a brain misfiring. A seizure?
    I did'nt know what a monostick was either, but I can see that the photos look different, like a movie.

    I still turn my computer on each morning by calling my own phone number. When the phone rings, it turns on upstairs!

  12. Enjoyed the Thursday Thirteen. You all got that wind too? Man, the news here clocked some of our gusts at 92 mph. I was pretty nervous last night wondering if the trees were going to come down.


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