Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Historic Church

This is the Fincastle Methodist Church in Fincastle. It has a neat old graveyard around it.

The Botetourt County Courthouse is in the background to the left.

My husband has family buried here.


  1. Very nice shot! I like the way the courthouse is framed in the background and the grave monument is in the foreground.

  2. I hope this doesn't sound too creepy, but i like old grave yards. The old grave stones are just full of history and interesting to see.

    Nice pic!

    And thanks for the nice comment on my blog the other day. Sometimes life can just be a little hard.

  3. Isn;t Fincastle wonderful. Nice picture.

  4. Yup that is an interesting graveyard.. I also like to wander through old cemetaries and wonder what people were like, what the did, etc..


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