Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Week in Review

Last week in spite of the snow and ice and general bad weather, I had a lot of work to do.

Monday I wrote articles for the newspaper.

Tuesday I attended a supervisors' meeting. When I go to meetings, I sit through them and then write about them. The meeting lasted from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. with a break around 5 p.m. for the supervisors to eat dinner. I came home and had dinner, too.

Wednesday I interviewed for articles for the newspaper. I also prepared my invoices for the month for my work.

Thursday wrote up the meeting and worked on a few other articles. I had lunch with my friend whom I had not seen since Christmas. She was looking great and I was pleased to see her feeling so chipper.

Thursday night my husband and I took our nephew a birthday card. He turned 18. I can't believe he is that old now. Seems like just yesterday...

Thursday night I was up most of the night with my husband, who somehow wrenched his back. He was in a lot of pain and sleep was out of the question for both of us.

Friday morning I visited the beauty parlor (it did not improve my looks, I'm sorry to say) and then it was back to writing more articles.

Friday evening I hovered over my husband and alternated heat and ice on his back in an attempt to get the muscles to loosen up.

Today I cleaned the house this morning and then went to the book store with my friend. I just love Books-A-Million. I walk in and there is the smell of coffee and new books. There is not a better fragrance in the world some days.

I did buy a couple of books. I didn't need anymore but I like to support the arts.

My husband just a few moments ago said his back feels better. Thank goodness.


  1. first...glad your hubby's back is doing better. i am sure your treatments helped it.

    and i to shop for books. i can spend hours browsing...

    and i can relate to the beauty parlor...i changed where i go last saturday and am not happy but then i was not happy with the one i previously went to for 6 years...alas.

    keep warm and have a good weekend.


  2. Glad that you did all that safely...don't know how I'd be able to do driving around in snow and ice!

  3. Glad your husband is feeling better. My husband has a bad back and I know he's in awful pain when it acts up.
    I love book stores. I could live in one :)

  4. What a busy week you had!

    Aren't bookstores great?! I could spend all day in one.

    Glad your hubby's back is better. I pulled a muscle in my hip this week and sleep was not easy for a few nights, so I can sympathize.

  5. So glad to hear your husband's back is better---I know from experience just how painful that can be. I do hope he recovers fully soon.

    Oh, I love bookstores too! All that paper and ink---intoxicating! I do have to watch myself though---I have a terrible weakness for books, so I have to control my book-craving urges!

  6. Back pain is horrible. I'm glad he's better. Sometimes that can be a long recovery. I'm glad your week is behind you, hopefully this one will be better!


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