Monday, November 03, 2008


I received in the mail a post card from a Toyota dealer for a service clinic.

The service clinic takes place in Houston, Texas.

I live in Virginia. Bought my car (which is a Toyota) in Virginia. Haven't been in Texas since I was 12 years old.

Also, the card, which I received on November 1, is only good from September 8 to September 30.

What is up with this?

Did someone really think I would drive to Houston for a $12.95 tire rotation and a complimentary car wash?


  1. ha ha ha, that's funny. just about as funny as a bill i got in the mail one time for a $0 balance. wasted 40 cents or whatever it was at the time to send a bill for nothing. crazy. i wonder if someone else has your name and owns a toyota? that would be even weirder.

  2. LOL that's funny...what a waste of postage!

  3. You's not just government that does those sorts of things!


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