Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. I do not have a favorite author or book, even though I read about 50 books a year.

2. Instead, I take in new books all the time, like a word vacuum, constantly sucking up new ideas and words.

3. When I was young, I wanted to read and collect every Nancy Drew book. They were written by Carolyn Keene, which was a pseudonym. The books were actually written by a number of people.

4. I ended up with only 25 of the 175 original Nancy Drew books. I still have them. They fill a shelf in the living room and are so dusty I would sneeze if I tried to read them.

5. Every now and then I think about donating them to the library book sale but so far I have not been able to part with them.

6.Nancy Drew has a best girl friend named George. And another whose name I forget. Bess I think but I'm not certain.

7. Her boyfriend's name is Ned.

8. She has a father but no mother. Her dad is an attorney.

9. Nancy also has a car.

10. Her books are mysteries that in hindsight are rather silly but when I was 10 years old they were quite interesting and intriguing.

11. I tried to write my own series of mysteries at the age of 11.

12. I remember I used a red notebook.

13. I have no idea what happened to that little series of stories. I can only imagine how bad they were ...

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  1. These pictures brought back so many memories...I read Nancy Drew too...had all of the series. Loved them!! Looking back I think of how ahead of her time she was. They're certainly collector's item now.

  2. My oldest daughter got into Nancy Drew just last year, like I hoped she would. Wonderful books, for any age! We got the original 70's T.V. series Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew through Netflix and have been watching them when we get time. I forgot how complicated the stories were.

    I would not part with a collection like that either, if I were you.

    My favorite books when I was a kid were the original Star Trek books by James Blish. I know, I'm such a nerd! But I could read them over and over I liked them so much.

  3. I loved Nancy Drew books too. I didn't own many though - our school library was great.

  4. Nancy Drew was the first series that I ever got into. I remember I couldn't put them down. I'm now a huge Mary Higgins Clark fan. Funny how life transitions, huh?

  5. I loved Nancy Drew books. My daughter went through the whole series last year. She was sad when she was done.


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