Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am contemplating a week away from home sans work and husband in some nice quite B&B or small cabin. I want a writing retreat, is what I want.

A place to write poetry or short stories or work on my forgotten novel without interruption and worry.

I need a place that is no smoking and no inside pets (cats and dogs) because of my allergies. Preferably a country setting but the beach is good too. Mountains are negotiable.

Also not overly expensive.

It should be within a day's driving distance of Roanoke, which leaves open a very wide range of territory.

If anyone knows of such a place that they recommend, I'd sure like to hear of it.


  1. I'd say Floyd County...but then I'd want to meet with you and that would sort of defeat the purpose! If an idea comes up, I'll get back with you...

  2. Lancaster County, PA.... Ah, but I did enjoy the beauty around Harpers Ferry, WV last weekend. Gotta do some more research on that one thought. =)

  3. June -
    I would love to come to Floyd and meet you sometime! You can't work all the time on a retreat, after all. ;-)

    Jen - PA is a thought. I will look into that!

  4. Of course, I highly recommend the wonderful North Carolina mountains! This is probably not what you're looking for, but it looks very nice and is somewhat reasonable:

    Also, we considered this place (not too far from us now) when we were looking for short-term rental. It's in a very pretty place and was also somewhat reasonable.
    Best of luck in finding your writing retreat!

  5. Keep room for me in your suitcase!

  6. Oh, you need to check out Butterfly Hollow in Tennessee. It's incredible. I'm sure they're online. Do a search. You won't be sorry.


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