Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Winkin' Update

Yesterday as I headed out in the afternoon for a meeting at the courthouse, a deer bounded from behind the pine tree and through the field next door.

Little Winkin' raced along behind her mother, tearing up the ground at an amazing pace. She looked like a little racing dog zipping up the the track.

She made me laugh. I had my camera but I could not get it out fast enough for a picture.

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  1. We have a family of deer that graze early in the field every morning. On several occasions I've tried to snap a shot of them, but like yours, they're too fast. Late one night my hubby got out of bed and checked out the front window. Our cat was playing with one of the fawns in the front yard. It was the cutest thing! As our cat Oakey jumped around, it pawed on the ground and snorted at her. Oh, how I wish I could have caught THAT on film.


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