Sunday, June 29, 2008

Godwin Cottage Auction

On Saturday, June 21, we went to an auction at the Godwin Cottage.

This was for contents of the historic home, although I have since learned that most of the items were not the better ones but some left over stuff. It was pretty obvious that the contents were not all of the original owner's.

The cottage was built after the Civil War and it is well known as an enchanted-looking place that charms visitors to the Town of Fincastle.

This clock was one of the pieces I wanted to see. It had a date of 1819 inside of it.

I do not know how much it sold for as we did not stay for the entire auction and we left before the bidding on this item began.

This desk, I think, was supposedly a Chippendale desk; however, I am not entirely certain of that. There was a Chippendale desk there and this was the only desk I saw. I was told at the auction that someone had placed a phone bid of $10,000 on the Chippendale desk, in any case. Which made it way out of my league. I do not know if there is any truth to that claim, however.

This is the auctioneer, Ken Stanley.

This egg basket was bid out at around $350. Someone certainly must know something I don't. I would never think of paying hundreds of dollars for a basket of any kind.

This picture was by someone named Beyer and painted pre-20th century. It sold for about $500. There were four of them and they depicted local scenes, like the Homestead and Natural Bridge.

This is the Godwin Cottage. The house is for sale; the asking price is over $500,000. The place needs a great deal of work inside. The house has been unlived in, mostly, for the last 10 years and is disrepair.


  1. I've always wanted to go to an auction, but I'm afraid I'll make a sudden move and bid on something I don't want...

  2. That is very rarely a problem. For one thing you have to register to bid and get a number. If you don't have a number showing they don't pay much attention to you.

  3. Oh I bet that was fun. I just love going to estate sales. Back in 1999my hubby picked up our entire dining room at a sale in Catawba for $300. It included a solid walnut table, 6 chairs, 2 buffets and a china cabinet! I agree with you, I wouldn't pay that much money for a basket either. I love the pictures you took...I wish those pieces could talk.

  4. I've been to a couple of auctions up here and they're really fun. One was a B&B going out of business sale...lots of good stuff!

  5. I love auctions and antiques. I went to one where they sold a ton of Longaberger baskets (I think that was the name) and they were all expensive like that. I couldn't help thinking it was crazy.


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