Friday, May 02, 2008

The Disappearing Book

Today I spent $20 on a book I already have. I couldn't find it when I went to look for it, so I bought a new copy from the local history museum.

Of course I came home and straightaway found my copy. I had been looking for a red jacket hard cover book and not a soft cover. I completely overlooked it.

The book I was missing is The Town of Fincastle, by Frances Niederer. It was first published in 1965 and last reissued in 2004 in paperback. It is the most current study of the town, as far as I know.

I have a collection of local history books which I often refer to in my work. I love to write history pieces for the newspaper. So I don't mind dropping $$$ for a local history book every now and again.

While I was there, I also bought Notable Women West of the Blue Ridge, 1850 - 1950. I am looking forward to reading that.

When I went to write this blog entry, I thought I would put the two Fincastle books together. Because really what I was going to do was offer the book to someone for the same price I paid, if they were so inclined. I was going to say, email me if you're interested.

Only now I can't find the books I brought home with me.

The Fincastle book is a slim volume; I can see where I might have put that down. But the other is a good-sized book. It's cover is bluish gray with ladies on the front. I should see it here someplace.

I have searched everywhere I think I have been since I came home, and I can't find either book. I know I brought them in the house and placed them on the kitchen counter but they aren't there now and I haven't the faintest idea where I've stashed them.

I am the only one at home right now.

If I am this bad at 44 years and 11 months old, I will be absolutely in a state of crisis when my birthday rolls around in June!

It is a very good thing I found the original book.


  1. And of course, not two minutes after I posted that entry, I found the books... together in the bag, tucked in between my stereo and the book shelf. ...

  2. Isn't that always how it works :)

  3. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone. I've certainly been there. The strange part though is that these lapses seem to come in spurts. I can go months without having an "episode"...then suddenly, I have a day where I am totally upside down where - as my mom used to say - I'd lose my head if it weren't attached to me. I dunno why that is.

  4. I just got sunglass attachments for my glasses and I can't find them. With a baseball game to attend this afternoon - I fear I may be blind by nightfall. What to do... what to do... I am not even 40 yet!

  5. I can certainly relate to this--I'm always having moments like that, especially lately. The other day, we were late to an appointment because I couldn't find my purse. Where did I find it finally? On my left shoulder.

  6. The worst is when you find what you're looking for in the refrigerator. I've found more missing items in there...and I'm not 40 yet either.

  7. By the way, I've been researching my hubbie's family, they are from Fincastle. His grandparents both lost their parents early in life - it is a true Cinderella story. Anyhow, His grandfather's name was Martin Luther Tate, and his grandmother's name is Margarette Tate - she just turned 92. They both were very active in the volunteer rescue squad of Fincastle, and her farm house is still on Blacksburg Rd. Do you happen to know of them?

  8. Amy - I do know of them. Is your father-in-law Mark or Randy, by chance?


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