Friday, April 11, 2008

Play Ball!

Spring, of course, means baseball. While I personally am not a big fan of the game, the nephew (left, in the red) is shortstop for my high school alma mater.

Tuesday was the first home game Husband and I had been able to attend. The sun came and went. While it shone the air was warm, but when the clouds covered the sky the wind kicked up and it was crisp indeed. I ended up sitting in the car part of the time. Fortunately we had parked so I could see through the windshield, as I can't stand to have the wind in my ears.

The Cavaliers lost to Hidden Valley, but it was a joy to see my nephew play. He had surgery on his rib bone in January and I feared it would keep him from sports. But many hours of therapy later, he seems to be back in form.

He made at least five good plays from shortstop, including this catch. Although to be sure I am not sure what the result was.


  1. Good for him! Hope it's a winning season...

  2. Neat, keep us informed of his progress.... Unfortunately in that play it appears the runner is safe at second. =)

  3. Yeah, Jen, I think the runner looks safe too. Oh well.

  4. My nine-year old son plays too. Baseball practices are in full gear and games begin next week. This should keep me pretty busy!


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