Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have never seen such wind. I understand there are downed trees every where, lots of power outages. Worst of all, there are forest fires.

The wind is gusting at 60 mph and is expected to last into early tomorrow morning.

We have fence down, but that is nothing in the big picture. One of our neighbors has lost half of his roof - and his house is brand new!

My brother is without power and has been told he will be for DAYS.

Above: Leaves dance across the grass, moving faster than a cheetah.

Above: This is what my view of oak trees looked like yesterday morning.

Above: This is what it looked like at 3 p.m. Note the new addition of cedar where there used to be only grass...

Above: My little well house that covers my well pump has been blown over.

Above: Smoke rises from a forest fire out my front window. I believe that to be in Craig County.


  1. I've never seen wind like that either. It sounded like my roof was blowing off. We lost some pretty big branches and I'm glad we cut that huge dead oak down or it would have probably been on my house. We lost cable and internet for about 24 hours but and sporadic loss of electricity. How's the fires doing up there?

  2. I'm wondering how Blackberry Ridge fared through all this. Am waiting anxiously for a report...


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