Saturday, February 16, 2008

TV: Celine Dion

Last night I went to bed with a book and the TV on for background noise, like I generally do when my husband is working.

CBS had a special - Celine Dion. I like her music but own none of her work.

From the first song, the book soon lay forgotten beside me. I had no idea Celine Dion was such a compelling performer. I was impressed.

What I liked about it was she was so personable and comfortable on the stage. It was like watching an old friend. I really enjoyed her song with Will. I. Am; I thought that was exceptional, and her rendition of the Beatle's "Something" with Joe Walsh was extraordinary.

The hour went by very quickly. We need more shows like this, and less reality TV.


  1. She thinks about and believes every word she sings. Each performance comes from the heart! I agree!

  2. She's got an extraordinary voice. A lot of people think she emotes too much, but I see it as sincerity and feeling. Besides, I like a performer to...well...perform...and interact. Sorry I missed the show. And I agree with you about the reality shows. I miss Ed Sullivan :-)


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